July 31, 2014

5 Places to Submit your Press Release

The goal with your press release is to get it in front of as many people in your target market as possible. A well written release can work for you time and time again. Here are five places to consider submitting your release:

1. Your own company news pages on your website

While I am a strong advocate of including non-sales related material to your company blog, you should add your release to your news stream. Not only does the term ‘press release’ imply that your product or development is significant enough to be considered newsworthy, but also an online search for your product is likely to point towards your own website.

2. Trade magazine: Print Edition

A printed, hard copy trade journal or magazine still has more credibility that its online cousin. Many are distributed for free to businesses within the industry. It may be more difficult to get yours included, but if you do then this is an excellent way of getting your news in front of the right people. Don’t limit the release to a single publication, send to as many as possible.

3. Trade magazine: Online Edition / Specialist Online Sites

These sites are typically full of ‘news’ about latest product releases and developments. They exist to make money from advertising, and the very fact that they are so prevalent indicates that they are getting quality traffic that leads to sales. They often include a press release section, and while you’ll be alongside other, similar, products, these sites often rank quite highly in search engines, so a presence here will help your product get found online.

4. Business Information Pack

Get copies of your press release professionally printed and include them as part of your trade show pack or new prospect information. If you have managed to get your release included in a print magazine then a copy of the actual page is best. The press release demonstrates to new prospects that you are a company that is developing and innovating, and those developments are newsworthy.

5. Your Existing Customers

With long standing customers  that you have a close working partnership, you can give them a copy or send them a link. They might not have a need for your product, but they may well know someone who does. Referrals and personal recommendations are a very powerful method of getting new leads, so make it easy for your customers to recommend your products.

A well written press release can be used many times to maximize exposure and increase product leads. Submit it to as many places as you can and then use hard copies to back up your other product and business marketing materials.