Making the case for a case study

A correctly written and positioned case-study is one of the most powerful selling techniques you can adopt as part of a corporate selling strategy. It’s particularly relevant if you’re in the consultancy or business services sector as it may be easier to explain what your business does through an example. If you are selling a […]

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So, you think you need a copywriter.

“I’m not sure you really want a copywriter for this,” I say in my best diplomatic voice. It’s at this point when the person who’s made the enquiry tends to pause (if they’re on the phone) or look confused. Then they get their head together. “We do. We have lots of writing that needs doing.” […]

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5 Reasons why Strategy Reigns and Content is not King.

Roaring Lion

It’s become a bit of a catchphrase hasn’t it? ‘Content is king’. Hmmm. Well, content is very important, if not vital, to the success of your online business. A website without useful content is a promise that doesn’t deliver. An intriguing book without a compelling story. A gorgeous partner who has nothing to say. Substance […]

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