September 3, 2014

Cha-ching! Emails that save you money

A set of lead generating emails selling a 20 minute, free, consultation – the entry point into the sales process.

First Email:

Started Saving Money Yet?

Dear [firstname],

I hope you enjoyed your free copy of ‘How to Save your Company Thousands of Pounds without Spending a Single Penny’, and have identified areas within your business where you can save money today.

During my money-saving consultations, I find that there is an area of business that commonly causes my clients to literally throw money in the bin. Read about it – and how you can avoid making the same mistakes – here.

All the best,



p.s. Don’t forget to take advantage of my free, 20 minute phone consultation to find out exactly where you can save money in your company.


Second email:

Fleet Management Cost Saving Strategies

Dear [firstname],

Running one car is expensive. If you run a fleet of vehicles in your business then you’ll know that running several cars is a serious drain on cash.

And with fuel prices as unpredictable as the weather, surely it’s impossible to keep costs low when managing your fleet?

Not necessarily, take a look at this article on the blog. If you’re managing a fleet of cars, it’s worth a read.


All the best,


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