April 29, 2013

Charity Press Release

A local environmental charity needed to generate interest in their summer school courses asked me to write their press release.

The beautiful ʻWittenham Clumpsʼ hills, in stunning Oxfordshire countryside, have been an inspiration to artists for generations. Situated within this impressive landscape, the Earth Trust has teamed up with local experts to offer a week of inspirational workshops at their annual Summer School. The Summer School is being held at the Earth Trust Centre, Little Wittenham, Oxfordshire, OX14 4QZ from Monday 5th to Friday 9th August, and includes not only art courses but a range of others, from sheep keeping to Nordic walking!. Many of the courses will draw inspiration from the ʻClumpsʼ, which are widely recognised as one of the most beautiful and environmentally significant areas of countryside in the UK.

The Summer School hosts fifteen workshops over one week in August; some running during the day, and some in the evening. Topics include art, photography, Nordic Walking, growing vegetables and farming. Local farmers have added their support and are hosting workshops on keeping sheep and pigs, whereas local food producers are running workshops on growing vegetables and harvesting your own seeds. Local experts in wildlife, bees and art are giving their time to pass on their valuable expertise and experience on a variety of topics.

The link between photography and art has existed since even before the early 1800s when the first portable cameras were invented. Artists such as Degas and Cezanne would use photographs as reference material for their paintings. Today photography is accepted as an art form in its own right. The Landscape Photography workshop is run by professional photographer David Hall. David will instruct his class in the finer points of capturing the essence of this stunning landscape through photography.

Botanical Illustration is an art that arose from the need to document new and rare species of plants found in far flung corners of the globe. In some cases, these illustrations are the only records remaining of plants that have now become extinct. The Introduction to Botanical Illustration workshop is tutored by Rosemary Wise, an award winning botanical artist based at the University of Oxford. Rosemary will introduce the techniques involved, and then the class will have the opportunity to produce artwork for themselves under Rosemaryʼs expert guidance.

Day courses run from 10am to 4pm and include lunch, prices start at £55. Evening courses run from 5pm to 7pm and are priced at £5. To book, email: admin@earthtrust.org.uk or telephone: 01865 407792. Take the opportunity to gain inspiration from this beautiful landscape.

Further information from www.earthtrust.co.uk ,

The Earth Trust is an environmental charity that aims to encourage people to enjoy and value the natural world while discovering new ways to reduce their footprint on the earth. They provide opportunities for people of all ages to discover nature and the countryside, and inspire them to make small changes to live more sustainably. They run programmes of events, courses, childrenʼs learning and volunteering, and manage amazing places like the Wittenham Clumps and Little Wittenham Nature Reserve, Thrupp Lake at Radley and community meadows in Wallingford and Didcot.