Hello. My name’s Susie and I do the words.

It’s not the quality of the words, it’s the potency of the message that counts.

Photo of Susie. It's not very good. You're not missing much.

This is me. Hello.

I know, I know, a writer not shouting about the ‘quality of the prose’. Do I not obsess over grammar? Is my spelling not exemplary?

Well, yes and yes. I am the kind of person who will wake up in a cold sweat and have to check that I used the right word for compliment / complement.

But – that’s base level stuff. It’s like a carpenter ensuring the edges are chamfered and the polish is perfect. All his customer sees is a table. And if those details are right, it’ll be a damn good table.

All your clients see are the messages. Are they damn good ones?

You might want to know . . .

Most of the writing I do these days is for online markets – that’s websites and email campaigns. I don’t really do link building articles for SEO though, I’m more of an upfront salesy type of copywriter – y’know landing pages, webcopy with a clear CTA, emails that elicit interest and a click through.

I’m a postgraduate semiconductor physicist with a background in product management in the photonics industry. I don’t seek out technical projects as I like to work on new things, but being able to explain exactly how your widget thing-a-me-jig works comes in very handy sometimes.

I like to work in friendly teams that put the client (and the success of the project) at the centre of what they do. Oh, and good coffee is a must.

In my spare time I lift weights and practise martial arts. (I’ve never had to use violence on a client yet . . . ) And of course I write fiction. All copywriters write fiction.

Thanks for reading,
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