November 25, 2013

Corporate Video Script

If you’re going to sell video production, it makes sense to promote your services through, er, video. I provided the two minute script.

Meet Andrew.

Andrew is an entrepreneur and is working hard to grow his business.

But Andrew has a problem. Competition is fierce and no matter how much time and money he spends on marketing, he just canʼt seem to attract enough new business.

His website is great, but so is his competitorʼs. His email campaign is up to date. But so is his competitorʼs. His products and services are fantastic. But, youʼve guessed it, so are his competitorʼs.

Andrewʼs real problem is that he needs to promote his business in a way that leaves his competitors behind. His needs a fresh approach to marketing.

What he needs is a marketing video package from Digital Marketeers.

Up until now Andrew was unaware of the power of video marketing. Some of the biggest organisations globally have already harnessed the power of video and are reaping the rewards.

Animated marketing videos look polished, professional and are a surefire way of getting your message across. The image and branding of your company stays with your viewer long after theyʼll have forgotten that passage of text.

This is where we at Digital Marketeers can help Andrew. Not only can we produce his video, but we can also market it on his behalf. Letʼs show him how it works.

Andrew can choose the style and format of his marketing video. Heʼll have the video produced to a high quality broadcast standard and the script professionally written.

Heʼll be allocated his own Account Manager and marketing team that will source high quality leads within his desired industry sector.

Once heʼs happy with his marketing video, weʼll send it on his behalf to our carefully selected leads.

Then, our telesales team takes centre stage. Weʼll make sales, set appointments and even conduct market research on behalf of Andrewʼs company.

All Andrew needs to do is sit back and review the daily reports weʼll provide on our progress. . . oh yes, and deal with all those sales heʼll now be making.

In fact we predict that Andrew will be busier than ever.

If itʼll work for Andrew, itʼll work for you. Call Digital Marketeers today and free up your time to make more money.