March 3, 2014

Elite service for elite athletes.


The new John Gibbons Bodymaster website is up!  Now us mere mortals can get treatment as his Oxford clinic.

A Clear and Creative project that I provided the copy for. Here’s a snippet, you can see the whole thing at

Eliminates pain. Restores mobility. Improves performance.

The Bodymaster Method

The Bodymaster Method is a multi-disciplined approach to physical therapy; acknowledging that the sheer complexity of the human body requires a range of treatment for successful recovery and peak performance.

A consultation with a qualified Bodymaster practitioner assesses the presenting symptoms and draws on expertise across a wide spectrum of healing practices to determine the best course of treatment.

The result is that it works.Your Bodymaster practitioner becomes your single point of contact for recovery to optimum physical health. No time wasting referrals, just speedy recovery.

“I only refer clients when they need surgery.” – John Gibbons

John Gibbons: The Bodymaster

John developed the Bodymaster method as a result of his personal mission to widen his knowledge in healing injury and eliminating pain. After 20 years of extensive training in methodologies ranging from Osteopathy to Acupuncture, the Bodymaster method was born.

The technique is so successful that John’s Bodymaster training programme is booked up months in advance. John is also a published author and sought after speaker. He also finds time to treat patients personally at his practice in Oxford.