July 15, 2014

Energy Communications Brochure

RPS Energy are the world’s leading company in providing services to the energy industry. It was a privilege to write the brochure for their communications group.

Energy Communications: Complex made clear.

We produce content-rich communications that clearly articulates your message in a format that brings the most success to your business. Our strength lies in the ability to understand and interpret complex subjects and present them in a clear and concise way. Inside knowledge of the energy sector, plus expertise in film, animation and the written word, results in communications that help businesses to succeed; by informing, educating and inspiring those involved in, and affected by, the oil and gas industry.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein

Clarity is our number one priority; we deliver your message with precision and, no matter how complex the issue, the result is accessible, memorable and, above all, clear. The ability to do this stems from our inherent understanding of what you need to say.

The reason for this understanding is not only that we learn quickly, but that we value the importance of good science and technology for the success of our industry. We are led by technical people and constantly seek out communication experts with relevant backgrounds across the many facets of the energy industry. When we work on your project, the best individuals are chosen from our team of over 60 industry experts, ensuring that your communication is developed by those with the most understanding of your product, your industry and your people.

We take full ownership of your project, from concept, through information gathering, to final production. We often act to align the expectations of technical teams with the needs and capabilities of communication departments, supporting both for the duration of the project.


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