February 3, 2014

Is your business toxic?

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Five Signs of a Toxic Culture and How It Kills Businesses

Everything about your business is determined by the culture of your organisation. A positive culture harnesses talent and creates a productive environment, whereas a negative culture creates obstruction and prevents growth. Can you spot these five signs of a toxic culture in your organisation?

  1. Stress

Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, many people thrive in a challenging environment where they are stretched personally and learn new skills. Positive stress enables people to achieve more and the results from that are immensely satisfying. However, if the challenge is too great then people feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. The impact for a business is poor performance from staff leading to a general lack of productivity.

You may also see problems due to stress in formal, inhibited environments where there is no sense of ‘fun’ or opportunity to kick back a little and relax.

A key trigger for negative, unproductive stress within a business is rapid change. Perhaps a merger has given rise to a new organisational structure or unfamiliar working practices. Whatever the reason, rapid change is unsettling for everyone in the business. Especially within a results driven culture, staff can quickly become overly stressed and unproductive when trying to meet difficult targets in an unfamiliar environment. This can result in high absenteeism plus a lack of creativity and innovation. Everyone feels that they are simply ‘running to stand still’.