April 3, 2014

Landing page for change consultancy

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Another offer too good to miss – a free cultural appraisal to help your company cope with personnel issues.  Landing page encouraging people to call.

Are staff issues and departmental conflicts threatening to pull your organisation apart?

If your day is spent dealing with staff that are more interested in what’s in it for them than what’s best for the customer; departments that won’t cooperate and managers who can’t seem to manage, you may have a toxic culture.

Change for the worse

The catalyst for a breakdown in culture is often rapid change. Whether from organic growth, a merger or a new person steering the ship, it’s change that creates those first ripples of unrest in your organisation.

Unsettled by change, people start to worry about their jobs. Add to this an unfamiliar management and the workforce starts to form an ‘every man for himself’ mentality. Left to fester, tensions bubbling under the surface will eventually come to light. Conflict, friction and disagreements will become commonplace. And those who don’t like confrontation may simply leave, landing you with a resource gap as well as a line of unhappy employees outside HR’s door. Before you know it your happy place of work has become a minefield of problems and unrest with a confrontational atmosphere. You wonder what happened.

The quality of your organisation’s culture has a direct bearing not just on morale, but on your ability to attract and keep good staff, meet customer demand and, ultimately, to stay in business.

Change for the better

It’s easy to talk about changing the culture of an organisation, but it’s much harder to achieve, which is why we’ve developed InUnison – a programme that measures your organisation’s culture and provides all the insight and training needed to build a truly collaborative culture that promotes teamwork, creativity and engagement. And right now, you can get a free taster of what the InUnison programme can deliver for your business.

The free sample audit follows the same format as the full programme and therefore delivers actual, actionable recommendations tailored for your organisation. A selection of your workforce will fill in quick 10 minute questionnaire with simple yes or no answers. From this you’ll receive a report summarising the results plus a one hour consultation with a cultural change advisor, during which you’ll get genuine advice that you can implement immediately.

Experience a taste of positive change. For free.

Take the first step towards harmony, collaboration and productivity in your organisation. Call XXXXX XXXXXX and book your free sample cultural audit.