March 3, 2014

Oxfordshire Flower Farm Website

Lone flower

Quirky, original, eclectic all describe the feel and copy of the new website for this flower farm nestled in the Oxfordshire countryside.

Website Excerpt – About Page: 

Professional gardener Rachel Siegfried first had the idea for her organic flower farm and floral design studio more than six years ago.

Working in a walled garden growing organic vegetables and cut flowers, Rachel was keenly aware of an abundance of beauty and scent that just wasn’t available from a standard florist. English country gardens are admired and emulated the world over, so it seemed odd that our most beautiful flowers were not available on a commercial scale.

Digging deeper, Rachel discovered that the commercial side of flower growing is not so sweet. Flowers are bred deliberately without scent for longevity, and blooms are chosen solely for their ability to be grown under artificial conditions.

With that the penny dropped and in 2008 Green and Gorgeous was born. Remaining true to her core beliefs about sustainability, Rachel began to develop her flower farm, right in the heart of the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

Fast forward to today, and Green and Gorgeous is a thriving business. From stunning wedding flowers to wildly wonderful garden bouquets designed by Rachel herself, the beautiful, naturally grown flowers stand head and shoulders over standard florist fare.

In addition to a Saturday morning shop and a mail order service, Rachel also teaches others how to grow flowers for cutting. Not just for their own enjoyment, she runs training courses for others who want to venture into this successful and highly rewarding business.

With a sympathetic approach and an understanding of the rhythms of the seasons, it is possible to grow flowers that thrive and very much outshine their imported cousins. The beauty and quality of the flowers available from Green and Gorgeous are testament to that.