April 10, 2015

“Right,” said Fred.

moving house

A local removals company wanted to improve the copy on their site. Here t’is. . .

Having a clear out?

If you’re getting rid of excess cutter, completely clearing a property or just fancy changing your furniture, we can help.

We offer a great value, speedy house clearance service. We have a full waste carrier’s licence and will dispose of your unwanted items in a responsible way, in full accordance with legislation.

When we come into your home to help you dispose of your unwanted items, we use the same careful and professional approach as we do in our removals service, respecting your home and your property.

Prices start from as little as £60 for a single item. We offer great value when compared with typical skip hire, and we take everything away immediately, so you don’t have to accommodate a skip (or worry about what other people might put in it!).

We understand that it can be tricky to estimate exactly how much space your unwanted items will need. Try to imagine how many standard skips your items would fill to give you an idea. Also, bear in mind that some items can be broken down so they take up less room. Don’t worry if you can’t be exact, we only require an approximate estimation of what you need.

Our advice for a hassle free house clearance.

Here are our tips to make your clearance run smoothly:

  • Decide ahead of time which items you want to keep.

  • Clearly label everything so nothing gets thrown out by mistake!

  • Allow enough time – four hours per room is typical.

We cover a 40 mile radius of Banbury, including the Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire border areas.

When you need someone to help you get rid of your stuff – give us a call on 07861 930529 for a careful and polite service!