February 13, 2013

Scottish Hotel Website

Warm, cosy copy for a warm, cosy, family-run hotel in Scotland.

“We welcome you to our home”

The Bluebell Hotel has been our home for the past X years. Weʼd like you to share it with us. We love the old house in its beautiful grounds – we think that you will love it too. Stay, and be part of the family.

with warmest wishes Sue & John Smith

ps. If you book your stay through this website youʼll receive 10% off your bill!

Explore the best in Scotlandʼs countryside

Bring those walking boots, youʼll definitely need them. The hotel is in 110 acres of stunning park and woodland. If thatʼs not enough, the surrounding Glen boasts beautiful, rugged countryside just begging to be explored. If you love to fish then you wonʼt be disappointed. The lochs are full of wonderful fish in clear, crystal water.

Your children are welcome

Thatʼs right – ʻwelcomeʼ. Not just ʻtoleratedʼ or ʻacceptedʼ but welcome. Children make noise. They like to run. Thatʼs just fine with us. In fact with our large grounds and outdoor childrenʼs play equipment, we positively encourage it!

Youʼll be blown away by the food

Thatʼs something else weʼd like to share with you. Although we canʼt take all the credit of course. We take full advantage of being close to the source of the best seafood in the world, in our opinion (and hopefully in yours). And do you know what? If you do catch anything weʼll be happy to cook it for you. We are lucky to have chef XX to work in our award winning restaurant.

Bring your best friend

The four legged one we mean. Yes, we welcome dogs too. In fact your pet will be in good company, we have two sheepdogs of our own, Harry and William, they can be friends. Just let us know when you book that youʼll be bringing your dog and weʼll make sure that heʼll enjoy his stay as much as you do.