February 3, 2014

Short. sweet. Hits home.


Core messages and headlines that cut right to the heart of the messaging.

For a video production company:

If we told you that there was a way to make your existing marketing six times more effective, what would you say?

Words do their job, but video can be a whole lot more interesting.

For print:

The #1 reason for attending a trade show is to learn about new products.

If your brochures are out of date, you might be wasting your time.

For an alcohol charity:

“How can I stop them drinking?”

If only there was a simple answer. But it’s not easy living with someone who drinks too much. Advice falls on deaf ears, arguments escalate, and there’s the children to consider.

Don’t suffer alone, let us help.

Change management consultancy:

Are your people working with you or against you?

If they’re against you then reaching your business goals can be an uphill struggle. Unfortunately this is not something you can fix with new procedures or re-arranging your org. chart.

People matter. For your business to thrive you need everyone to walk the same path. When you have the support of your workforce you can meet, and exceed, your performance targets.

InUnison from Rocket Consultancy is your first step in getting everybody working as one.