November 3, 2013

IT Start up Website

Working with the dynamic entrepreneurial team, the challenge was to convey a new concept to the visitor. This was achieved through benefit-rich copy rather than technical details.

Your day has not started well….

You spilt cereal on your tie. The dog chewed your shoes. As you arrive at work you see your Customer Services manager and IT manager hovering by your desk. They look worried.

Apparently the network is down. No, they don’t know why or how long it’s going to be offline. And yes, customers have already started complaining about the loss of service. Not for the first time you close your eyes and make a wish

Can’t the network just fix itself and the problem go away?

Surely that’s the stuff of science fiction and fairy godmothers? Ah, well, you might be mistaken there. You see our product does just that. Self monitors, detects problems and repairs your network. All by itself.

Why don’t you give us a call to see how we can take away your worst nightmare, before it even happens: 0800 0000000

How it works

By analysing patterns on your network, our product can pinpoint any anomalies – anything out of the ordinary. It can then ‘home in’ on the area, compare the situation with what should be happening, and fix the problem before you even know it’s happened.

Or before your customers know it’s happened. Problem identified and fixed. Minimal downtime, no extra labour costs.

Of course you will still receive comprehensive information on the error and the fix from the error logs. So you are still informed and in control. After all, you’re the boss.