February 3, 2014

Stress Therapy Brochure

A brochure written to resonate with those who sometimes find life a bit too much to cope with – inviting them to find a solution through stress therapy.

Stress ruins lives

Stress is on the increase. The World Health Organisation predicts that by 2020 mental disease, including stress, will be the second biggest cause of disability.

Even today, stress and anxiety are the biggest causes of long term absence from work, overtaking back pain for the first time.

You may not be one of the 10% of adults in the UK who are currently taking anti-depressants, but you still might find yourself answering ‘yes’ when asked the following:

  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you find it difficult to unwind and switch off after a day at work?
  • Do you find yourself being irritable with others?

As stress affects your mood, your behaviour and your performance, it’s tricky to keep the issue to yourself. Before long your family will notice, your friends will notice and so will your boss.

The problem with stress is that if you’re already unable to cope, it’s nigh on impossible to take a step back and take an objective view by yourself.

There’s no need to suffer in isolation. Positive Changes will work with you to help you combat stress. Stress Management will give you the tools you need to reclaim your life.

About Stress Management

You may have tried to deal with stress yourself by removing the perceived cause. Maybe you’ve tried to ease money worries by getting a higher paid job; unfortunately that job comes with intense pressure and long days. Or perhaps you’ve remortgaged your house, only to find a new set of worries waiting in the wings.

The fact is that triggers for stress are always present. That is why learning to deal with stress before it overwhelms you is the key to overcoming the anxiety in your life.

I can’t take your problems away, but you’ll learn how to put them into perspective so you can control them, they don’t control you. You’ll learn to see your life from a better place.

Your stress management programme

As everyone’s situation is different, your solution will be unique to you.

You may benefit from a single consultation or a series to keep you on the right track.

You may need individual coaching or, if you are part of an organisation that has a stress at work problem, group coaching and therapy may be more productive.

By taking time out of your stressful environment and into one of calm and friendly support you will, with my help, begin to view your problems as they really are.

No, they won’t go away, but you’ll feel a whole lot better about them.

How much does it cost?

A tailored programme doesn’t come with a one- size fits all price tag. However, a course in stress management costs a great deal less than a two week holiday, and its effects last a lot longer.

Consider it an investment in your long term well being.

Take the first step to Positive Changes in your life . . .

Positive Changes, under the expert guidance of Tony Leake, teaches you how to deal with stressful situations and recognise stress triggers.

This approach has helped many people to shift their perspective on stress and reclaim control of their lives.

“I knew for sometime that things were not right and that I was getting more and more stressed with day to day life. The thought of asking for any help with this was so far out of my mind, but after a HUGE leap of faith I had my first session with Tony and I have to say I wish I’d only made the decision earlier. Thank you Tony. You have been a massive help.” – RH

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