November 22, 2013

‘Thank you for your business’ letter

And this completes the set for my Australian wedding directory client – a thank you letter for  those companies who have signed up. Of course, a serious copywriter never misses the opportunity to remind people how great the service is!

Welcome [Name],

Welcome to The Wedding Hub. Weʼre thrilled youʼve decided to be part of the revolution!

Weʼd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you and welcome to The Wedding Hub. Weʼre honoured to be able to include your company in our online directory.

Itʼs with the support of quality suppliers like you that allows us to build on our reputation as the home of the best wedding suppliers in New South Wales.

Your company is now showcased on our website, positioned to be seen by the brides-to- be that we personally invite to our site. Donʼt forget, you also have the opportunity to promote your business further in our monthly newsletter thatʼs emailed to every single bride on our extensive email list.

Remember: Together weʼre stronger. As a single force we can beat the competition and change the face of the wedding industry in New South Wales.

This is an exciting time to be selling wedding services in New South Wales. By presenting your company to couples in the process of planning their wedding, youʼll see demand for your services increase. As your business grows you might find that you want to extend your marketing reach even further. Thatʼs why we offer different membership levels – if you want to upgrade, you can at any time.

But for now sit back, hold tight, and make the most of the new business thatʼs about to come through your door.

Once again, weʼd like to express our thanks and warmest welcome.


The Wedding Hub Team.