The process in a nutshell

When you hire a freelancer to take on your writing tasks, the goal is to make life easier, not more complicated. With this in mind, the way I work with clients is designed to be as efficient and painless as possible, concentrating on getting the job done well.

Step 1: We’ll have a short call where you can tell me in broad terms what you need and I’ll give you a ballpark quote. (Note, for a current list of copywriting fees please contact me)

Step 2: When you’re happy to proceed I’ll get a more comprehensive brief from you and send across a formal quotation for your approval. The quote will be for a fixed price and won’t change as long as the scope of the project doesn’t change.

Step 3: I’ll write the first draft within the agreed deadline and submit it to you for your review.

Step 4: I’ll work on amendments and revisions until you’re happy.

Step 5: I’ll send the invoice on completion, once it’s paid you own all the copyright to the work and can do with it what you will!

The Brief

The brief is simply all the information I need to complete the project. The onus is on me to ask the right questions of you, but here’s a heads up on the kind of information I’ll need:

Target market. This is the business sector, for example automotive, medical.
Target audience. For example, business development managers, technical managers etc.
Purpose of the piece. General marketing effort, new product introduction, get people to visit you at a trade show etc.
Unique selling point.
Technical information. As much information about your product as possible
Tone, approach.
Time critical information / special offers.
Length. If you have the artwork already prepared and need copy to fill the spaces then I’ll need to know the length or see the artwork.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Many of my clients ask me to sign a non disclosure agreement, which I am more than happy to do.

The first step.

All you need to do is to get in touch. Either by email, or by giving me a ring on: +44 (0)7810 454879

I look forward to hearing from you.