December 5, 2013

Tri-fold brochure for a good cause

Writing for non-profits is always interesting. Often copywriting is about ‘what’s in it for me’, but with a charity it’s all about something bigger than just that. This organisation is all about the bigger picture and the brochure was to introduce their ideals and encourage new members to join them.

An organisation steeped in history and integrity.

The Grand Commandery of Knights Templar is an organisation with deeply historic roots. Founded in 1118 by Hugues de Payens, its core values today hold true to those shaped over 850 years ago.

Those values, or core principles, are at the very heart of the Order and every one of its members. The Nine Core Principles are:

  • Chivalry & Honour
  • Humility & Courtesy
  • Courage & Integrity
  • Loyalty & Charity
  • Wisdom

The Order today is a membership based charitable association who’s members commit selflessly to helping those in need.

Becoming a member of the Order

Joining us as an Order member allows you to engage with others who, like yourself, feel that there is something sadly lacking in our materialistic society.

Members actively encourage and support each other and offer help in times of need. It is through our mutual support and combined efforts that we can make a difference in our world and make more of an impact than each of us struggling in isolation.

Everyone is welcome to apply. Simply go to our website to begin your application procedure:

It’s not easy standing alone in a world of lost values. With honesty, integrity and kindness at the core of who you are, todays materialistic world can seem unjust.

Join many like minded individuals worldwide. We welcome you to The Knights Templar. Contact us: