November 19, 2013

Video Marketing Infographic Copy

I love infographics – they make what might be dull, or a lot to digest, easy to take in and understand. They also tell a story – something else I love to do!  Here’s the copy for an infographic developed by a video marketing company.


Research shows that 90% of prospects are more likely to buy when video is used as the marketing medium.

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing method today, beating display advertising by a factor of 2.*

*source: Return Path.

Digital Marketeers combine slick video production, highly targeted email marketing and lead follow up services in a single BUSINESS GENERATOR PACKAGE.

Give your marketing campaign maximum impact and return on investment.


Want to cultivate new business and drive more traffic to your website? You wonʼt find a more comprehensive, scalable and affordable lead generation package anywhere else.

Up to now promotional videos have been expensive and difficult to produce, only within reach of the most affluent blue chip organisations. Digital Marketeers brings this high impact marketing medium within easy reach of your budget.


Digital Marketeers have partnered with the best creative digital agencies and media production companies on the planet to produce broadcast quality video tailored to your company image and branding.

You select the type of video that suits your business sector and best showcases your products or services:

  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Promotional
  • Motion Graphics
  • CGI Animation
  • 3D Presentations
  • Kinetic
  • Whiteboard & Blackboard

You then select the style that matches your company tone of voice and image.

  • Humorous
  • Corporate
  • Informative
  • Fantasy
  • Talking Heads
  • Comical
  • Factual
  • Futuristic

Itʼs not just the visuals weʼre expert at; choose a professional voiceover and royalty-free music to complete the broadcast quality finish.

Based on your choices weʼll assign the right creative team to your project. But they wonʼt work in isolation. You will have complete control and say of what goes into your video every step of the way. And if youʼre not sure of anything, your team will use their extensive expertise to offer advice and help.

Hereʼs how it works:

CONSULTATION After getting to know your business requirements the concept team will generate and deliver several fresh, innovative ideas for your consideration.

SCRIPT WRITING A professional scriptwriter will work to match your business tone of voice so your video seamlessly integrates with your key marketing messages. Of course, youʼll be able to choose the actual ʻvoiceʼ from a selection of professional voice overs.

STORYBOARDS As a highly effective communication tool, weʼll create a ʻstoryboardʼ; a graphic representation of your video. This will enable you to see exactly how your video will unfold.

PRODUCTION Weʼll then bring all the elements together and our animators will create your video. The result will be in high-definition and of broadcast quality.

DELIVERY Delivery is fast. A 3-week turnaround is standard. However, if you have an ambitious project it may take us a little longer. Weʼll take into consideration your timescales and deadlines – just let us know.

PROMISE Each step of your video production includes unlimited revisions, edits and adjustments. Weʼll encourage your input and ask for feedback throughout. Weʼll only move forward once youʼre completely happy to proceed.

WHAT NEXT? Your professional quality video is now up and ready to use for Step 2 of our Business


Generator Package –

Getting Leads.

CONSULTATION As soon as your video production begins, our marketing professionals get to work. Youʼll be allocated your own Key Account Manager to work closely with you and oversee your sales service process on your behalf. Theyʼll work with you to establish the industry sectors youʼd like to target with your video.

We make it our mission to understand your customers as well as you do.

EMAIL PRODUCTION Once your video is good to go our design team springs into action. Using your own logos and branding weʼll create the email template and embed your video within it. The result? A professional email that has the look and feel of your company.

EMAIL DISTRIBUTION Weʼll send your video embedded email on your behalf to carefully selected recipients that are a good fit for your business. You tell us which industry sectors to target and weʼll conduct a thorough search and select the best prospects. No matter what your industry or individual target market weʼll email reliable, high quality leads.

As well as industry sector, you may also choose to further tailor your specifications to:

Company turnover Company size Location Specific roles within company

FOLLOW UP Wouldnʼt you love to be a fly on the wall and find out how interested your customer is in your service by gauging their reaction to your video? Well, thatʼs exactly what we do as part of our service at Digital Marketeers. We use the latest analytics technology to monitor open rates, click through rates and can even tell when your email is forwarded to a colleague.

DATA = ACTION In the offline world your sales team looks for buying signals that allows them to move the prospect along the sales path. In the digital world we use hard data, from the actions

people take online, as virtual buying signals. This enables your telemarketer to follow up on the most promising leads. Itʼs this efficiency that keeps our costs low and our conversion rates high.

WEʼLL BE YOUR VOICE A carefully chosen telemarketing team will be the voice of your company. Weʼll conduct our phone calls in the way YOU want – you get to call the shots. If youʼd like us to use a script – we will. If youʼd like us to conduct a survey, weʼve got that covered. Weʼll even give advice and consultancy on your behalf if thatʼs your business need.

Our telemarketers are experts in: Closing sales Conducting surveys Market research

Generating appointments All calls are recorded and kept and you are free to listen to any of the calls at any time.

AN ADDED BONUS Not everyone we call on your behalf will be ready to buy. However, we donʼt just ignore them. Everyone who expresses an interest but are not quite ready for a purchase will go onto a ʻwarm leadʼ list that youʼll have in your hands.

YOUʼRE KEPT IN THE LOOP Every single day youʼll receive a summary of all activities: Number of calls made Conversion rates Pertinent notes on conversations Targets met


Less than you think. Prices start from only £2.50 per email sent. You decide how much to invest. Our service is modular and designed to be scalable to your business so you can keep costs in check and only buy what you need.

You design the service you need, but as we like our prices to be transparent, here are some typical Business Generation Packages:

IN ADDITION Your business is unique, therefore we offer the following options to allow you to completely tailor your complete marketing solution under one umbrella:

SEO services for your website and video. Bring your logo to life with our animated logo services Responsive website design Website content management Mobile applications. Facebook management: page creation and content updates. Twitter management: home page design and strategic tweets planned.




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Let us do the selling so you can get on with what you do best: running your business.

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