December 3, 2013

Video Production Company Email

A punchy email to draw sales to a young and dynamic production company.

Dear [Name],

If we told you that there was a way to make your existing marketing six times more effective, what would you say?

Weʼre Muddyface and weʼd like to introduce you to a whole new concept in marketing; updated video. A service that not only produces a slick, contemporary video for your business, but also updates that video to keep your brand and message fresh and up to date.

Studies have shown that video is 6 times more effective at getting your message out there than plain text. Not to mention the boost in Google rankings that youʼll get if you use video on your website.

The result? By simply adding video to your site, youʼll instantly get the attention of all those that donʼt seem to have been switched on by your traditional marketing. Especially if that video is showing your customers your best side.

Make a connection – make a customer

People are tired of the hard-sell approach – nothing will get them clicking the back button quicker. But with Muddyface behind your video you can show who you really are and why youʼre the best at what you do. We help you make that personal connection that resonates with your customers on a genuine level.

This means you can increase the effectiveness of your current campaigns without having to face the challenge of finding new markets.

The only thing that is constant is change

So video is great for business but, as you know, the best businesses evolve and move on. They introduce new products and set trends to keep in line with their customers. The products you want to showcase today are probably not the ones top of your list six months ago. Thatʼs why Muddyface offers a ʻvideo update packageʼ.

Of course, youʼll still get the unique, innovative video that Muddyface is known for but, like video, thereʼs no need to be frozen in time. Launching new products in the spring? Great, update the video to highlight them. Added a brand new service that you want to shout about? Do it with your video update.

Because we work within an existing framework to produce your video and have already taken the time to get to know your business, youʼll find this an extremely cost-effective way of keeping your video up to date and keeping that connection with your customers.

As weʼve already said, words do their job, but video can be a whole lot more interesting. Just to see exactly how interesting it can be, take a look at what weʼve done for your neighbouring businesses already in the Reading area:


We can do this for your business too. If youʼd like to find out how, give us a bell or shoot us an email:


We think youʼll be glad you did.


Jamie and James. The Muddyface team.