August 2, 2013

Web Developer Portfolio Website

Sometimes the difficulty is just convincing people that you CAN do the work. It was great to write copy to help this young web developer get the business he deserved.

ABOUT ME  professional profile and contact information

Welcome to my site. I am a freelance web developer with extensive experience in web design and software development. I create web sites that focus on great design and ease of use. Through the implementation of responsive web design, your visitors will always see your site at its best, whether viewed on a desktop or mobile device. The WordPress plugins I create share the same philosophy; they are made to be user- friendly. By focussing on lightweight and elegant solutions I can maintain a reasonable price without sacrificing quality or functionality.

If you are looking for a secure, scalable and user-friendly software solution, please con- tact me and we can discuss your requirements.

MY EXPERTISE  key skills

I have over five years experience in developing software solutions for a number of IT companies. To the right youʼll find a list of my specific software skills and level of compe- tence in each. As someone who has been passionate about software development since the tender age of 10, I am constantly learning and applying new concepts as and when they arise. No matter how complex or unique your project is, itʼs likely that I have the skill set you need.