November 13, 2013

Wedding Directory Letter

A new client in Australia needed to promote her new wedding directory to local brides-to-be. This sales letter ensured they couldn’t say no!

Dear [Name],

Tired of dull weddings at sky high prices? Time for something different.

Planning your wedding should be fun and a chance for you to really make your day your own. However, many couples find that getting exactly what they want is difficult and expensive.

Despite making compromises and sacrificing their dreams, the majority of couples end up spending twice the amount they budgeted for, leaving them to start married life with a debt they had not bargained on.

Whatʼs the alternative?

Like you, we donʼt think this is fair. Fortunately at The Wedding Hub, weʼre proposing a better solution. Weʼd like to introduce you to a brand new service that makes planning your wedding a breeze. And itʼs free.

When you take a look at our website youʼll find carefully selected wedding suppliers based in the New South Wales area that are the best at what they do. Youʼll find local, reliable, flexible wedding suppliers who will deliver the bespoke wedding you want at fantastic value for money.

You already know that if you had the time to do serious investigation then you could find a solution to your wedding and undercut the big name suppliers. Trouble is, itʼs difficult to choose which companies will deliver what you want. Thatʼs where we come in. Weʼve already looked for the best suppliers in the area and itʼs these that youʼll find on our site.

Not only will you save money, but by using local suppliers youʼll get a more personal and flexible service so you really can make your wedding your own.

Weʼll help you plan your day

Weʼre also excited to tell you about our newsletter. Itʼs free and every month youʼll get ideas, practical tips and guidelines that you can use for your own wedding. All you need to do is to go to our website and sign up.

And when you do, youʼll get a FREE e-book: ʻPlanning the Perfect Dayʼ as a thank-you for joining us in supporting the best wedding suppliers in New South Wales.

So, are you ready to get the wedding you want AND save money? Visit:

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We hope to see you online!


The Wedding Hub,

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