November 18, 2013

The Wedding Letter Part II

It’s great when a customer comes back for more – and my Australian wedding client did just that!

Dear [Name]

Weʼre about to shake up the Wedding Industry in New South Wales: Want to join in?

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Wedding Directory. Weʼd like to invite your company to be part of this new opportunity.

The Wedding Hub is keen to be the place where couples from New South Wales come to when planning their wedding. We want to provide the best of local services to our client base and your company is exactly the right fit.

Listing your company at The Wedding Hub will give you visibility to a huge number of brides within the New South Wales area, enabling you to compete with the big players in your field.

A Growing Market

The Australian wedding industry is worth over $2 billion annually, with the average spend for a single wedding coming in at a massive $54,000*. And each year that number is getting bigger.

However, as with many established industries, the market is dominated by a few heavyweights who have the marketing budget to win business through aggressive advertising.

We believe that local companies like yours offer a better solution for a couple planning to get married. Unlike larger companies, yours can provide a more unique experience as well as give better value for money.

Better for the bride and groom. Better for local business

Your company will get maximum visibility on our website. As the home of quality wedding services in New South Wales, not only will you get a boost in exposure, but also youʼll benefit from our policy of only including companies who are the best at what they do.

The wedding business is huge and dominated by major players. Together we can get your voice heard and business seen by hundreds of brides to be.

In addition to listing on our site, youʼll also have the opportunity to extend your marketing reach further by taking advantage of other advertising opportunities.

Depending on your subscription level, youʼll be able to advertise on our website and in our monthly newsletter. The newsletter is sent out directly to all the brides to be on our extensive list; making this a fantastic opportunity for you to win new business.

For those subscribing to the premium package weʼll even promote your business at the most expensive and lucrative of marketing events – Wedding Expos. Many smaller businesses simply do not have the budget to attend these and letting us represent you gives you even more exposure without the huge cost.

Sign up from as little as $7 per month
You can choose your subscription level to fit with your current needs and budget. If youʼre just starting out, consider our basic package. Ready to take your business to the next level? Then the premium package may be for you.

Prices start from a little over $7 per month – thatʼs less than a cup of coffee and a triple chocolate muffin. The low price is within reach even if business is a little on the slow side right now.

Youʼve got nothing to lose and a share of a $2 billion industry to gain. Let us promote your business and you can save money and free up your time to work with all your new clients.