March 16, 2015

We’ve Gotcha covered!

Gotcha web copy

New branding and website for Gotcha launched!  Love the tone and feel of this site.

A project with Clear and Creative (they did the branding and design, I did the words).  An excerpt is below – you can see the site in all its glory at:

What really happens when you hire a traditional recruitment company?

You shell out a bunch of money and in return you get a bunch of CVs that are not quite right. Or you spend an arm and a leg for a headhunter to aggressively stalk your ideal candidate – oh, and that’s after you’ve provided the list of names.

And even then the person you get to interview just doesn’t fit what you’re looking for. So now it’s a waste of your time as well as your money.

Why is the typical traditional recruitment experience a bad one?

Traditional recruitment is set up to fail. Agencies have to match their list of CVs to jobs or no-one will sign up and they’ll have no-one to place. Their sales team have to meet their quota of placements or they don’t get paid. And if they really can’t find anyone from their dated list of CVs then they’ll pop your job on an online job board alongside tons of others and sit back and hope that the ideal candidate will just appear out of thin air.

And when that smart salesperson from the headhunter company promised you the earth and took your money, he then went back to base and handed your precious job spec to the  resourcing team. And when they found who they needed, they handed it to the interviewing team. And then the person who does the interviewing has to convince the candidate that they want to move jobs – all without giving the company name away.

Still following?

Then the sales person comes back to you, without having met the candidate, or having a hand in any of the process other than selling their services to you. It’s easy to see why the job spec and person requirements are misunderstood and the wrong person ends up in the job.

Introducing: The Gotcha Recruitment Process

First and foremost – your job won’t be passed around the team. You’ll have a dedicated Talent Finder working on your vacancy from start to finish. Using our Talent Dynamics process (link to Talent Dynamics page), they will work closely with you to build up an exact profile of the person you need.

Your Talent Finder will then seek out people who are a good fit for your role and form a short-list of applicants. We don’t trawl through a list of stored CVs, we go out with a clean slate and actively find the person you need. We’ll then approach the best people on your behalf and create a short-short list of five candidates.

You’ll then have time to review the candidates before we schedule interviews on your behalf. Or you may be in a hurry – no problem, you’ll have a shortlist of ideal candidates in your hands within 48 hours of hiring us.

The Gotcha Guarantee

Our goals are your goals. Our Talent Finders are not measured on how many vacancies they can fill per week, they’re measured on successful placements working part of a team. And the results are telling – 98% of our placements stay a minimum of a year.

This is exactly why we can offer the Gotcha Guarantee.

If you’re not happy with the person we find within the first six months of employment, we’ll find you another one – free of charge, no questions. 

And we’ll keep going until you’re happy.

Let us find the talent for your business – call a Talent Finder today: