August 27, 2014

When to publish a press release

As I have mentioned before, the press release really does have to contain something that is newsworthy, publishing one to reiterate old content or just to generate interest for an existing product will probably be well received, and therefore be a waste of your time. The obvious time to write and submit a press release is when you  launch a new product, but there are other times where it is perfectly appropriate to launch a release, all helpful to keep your business in the minds of your market.

1. Company merger or acquisition.

This is serious news, in fact you owe your existing customer base some reassurance that it will be service as usual despite the new regime. (Assuming that it IS service as normal of course . . . ) Be sure to inform people if you’ll be moving premises, whether new products or services will become available and if your company name has / is going to change.

2. Technical breakthrough.

Whilst you don’t want to give away any confidential information, announcing a technical breakthrough is a good thing to tell the world. If it’s a step in the direction of launching a new product, then it can be a way to generate early interest. Of course, made sure that your technical breakthrough addresses a pertinent customer issue and isn’t just a ‘nice to have’.

3. R & D collaboration.

Entering a new project with a research establishment or respected university? Then tell your market. It shows that you are keen to support blue sky research in your area which helps to position you as a company that is at the forefront of technology.

And if we go back the most common reason for publishing a press release, the new product launch, it’s a good idea to time the release just prior to a trade show where you can showcase your new product. Here you will drum up interest and give prospects a good reason to visit your stand.