March 3, 2014

Write ’em and press go

This series of emails was at the heart of a campaign to sell a particular product. The aim was to get the ┬árecipients to click through to the site – would you have clicked?

Why throwing money at people doesn’t buy their loyalty

Hi {name},

Being underpaid, and knowing it, de-motivates your employees like nothing else.

So, to motivate your people to work harder you pay them more, right?

Well, assuming you offer a decent employment package, the answer is no. Giving someone a raise doesn’t motivate them to work harder in the long term.

So, if money isn’t a motivator, what is?

Click here to find out how to get the best from your people, and it doesn’t cost a penny!

Kind regards,


Do you have Cave Dwellers lurking in your midst?

Hi {name},

Do you know what I mean by a cave dweller?

A cave dweller is someone who, despite all your reasoned arguments, refuses to accept any change or suggestion of improvement within your company. Often a long-standing member of staff, cave dwellers may have perceived authority over others and are a mouthpiece for everything that’s wrong with your plans.

A tricky situation, how on earth do you start bringing a cave dweller round to your way of thinking?

It can be done, click here to find out how.

Kind regards,



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